Responsible hemp use

Suggestions & best practices for responsible hemp use in the U.S.

Hemp flower dosage

Consuming too much hemp flower in one sitting may result in effects that leave you impaired to an extent you should not drive, work, or engage in any other activity where you’re responsible for the well-being of others. A normal dosage of hemp flower will not have these effects.

We recommend starting with a small dose and slowly working your way up each time you use it until you find the optimal dose for your desired effects. 


Hemp flower usage patterns

Ideally, scientific research should inform usage patterns. For example, many medical professionals do not recommend consuming alcohol daily because research has indicated that it’s unhealthy, but using it sparingly appears to not be harmful. Tobacco on the other hand appears to have no safe usage pattern. At this point, there is not enough research on cannabis and hemp flower to say whether or not it’s okay to use it all day, every day. However, cannabis has been consumed for thousands of years, oftentimes daily, and there’s little anecdotal or scientific evidence that daily use is harmful.


Using hemp flower in public

We strongly recommend avoiding hemp flower use in public. While it is federally legal, it is also indistinguisable from illegal cannabis flower so its sight and smell might attract the attention of law enforcement.

Law enforcement aside, we also recommend not using hemp flower in public because it may make the people around you uncomfortable. Many people do not like cannabis and the idea of people using it around them may make them upset. They may become angry or call law enforcement. Whether it’s right or not, it is best not to put people in an uncomfortable situation. We believe that cannabis use will eventually become normalized and accepted. Until then, we do not recommend using it in public.


Using hemp flower at home

The most important guideline for using hemp flower at home is ensuring that you’re not exposing anyone to it. Hemp flower should be stored out of reach of children and animals. They should not be able to see it (seeing it might give them the idea to try to access it) or access it. If you have children, we recommend storing your hemp flower in locked cabinet or somewhere they cannot possibly reach.

In addition to storing it responsibly, you also need to use it responsibly in terms of exposing anyone to smoke or vapor. Children should never be exposed to hemp flower vapor or smoke. You should not use hemp flower inside while children or animals are present. Doing so could put them at risk. If other adults are in the home, you should get their consent before using hemp flower in their home.


Interacting with law enforcement

Law enforcement should always be shown respect. As a rule of thumb, this is the best way to ensure an interaction with them goes well. 

You should keep the lab report for your hemp flower on your person so that you can show it to a law enforcement officer. This will help you explain that what you possess is legal hemp flower and not illegal cannabis due to the delta-9 THC levels.