What are the effects of consuming hemp flower?

Understanding the experience of using hemp flower

What do you feel when you consume hemp flower?


Is hemp flower mind-altering or intoxicating? 

When most people use hemp flower they feel a subtle sense of relaxation and relief. Very few people describe it as a powerful effect and some people express dissapointment that it isn’t a stronger, more euphoric feeling. Most people find the feeling after consuming hemp a very gentle, slightly pleasant shift that leaves them feeling better overall — but it does not leave them intoxicated, with impaired judgement, or anxious. Hemp flower may best be described as something quietly operating in the background offering relief from some unpleasant sensations, rather than adding anything new or different to your perceptions or experience. 


How long does hemp flower take to go into effect?

Note that the method you use to consume hemp may influence how quickly effects are noticed and how strong its effects are. Vaping or smoking hemp flower will generally produce stronger, more noticeable effects faster than eating hemp flower or using a hemp flower oil or tincture.

Some people get near instant relief after consuming hemp flower while others notice very little. Some people may not notice much of anything after their first does but, after using it regularly for a few weeks, find they find they are clearly benefiting from it even though the effects may not be immediately noticeable after use. For instance, they may find they’re more relaxed in social situations or that some ache or pain is slightly more bearable when they’re regularly consuming hemp than when they’re not. While more scientific research needs to be done, it is commonly suggested that the effects of hemp flower can take up to a month of regular daily use to fully manifest. Other people find that they can use hemp flower as needed for near instant relief from acute discomfort. It seems to depend on a number of factors and the only way to know how it affects you are to try it and see. 


Do different strains of hemp create different effects?

Yes. In addition to the benefits of relaxation and relief that are common to most hemp flower strains, there may also be uplifting and energetic benefits (effects characteristic of Sativa strains), sedating and pain relief benefits (characteristic of Indica strains), or some mixture of the two depending on the cannainoid and terpene profile of the hemp flower.


What does “Sativa” and “Indica” mean?

For a long time a classification system was used to describe the effects of cannabis. “Indica” cannabis was considered to have more sedating and relaxing effects — affecting the body more than the mind. “Sativa” strains were considered more energizing and uplifting with the effects primarily affecting the mind over the body. “Hybrid” strains were a blend of Sativa and Indica effects. As more research was done it was found that this classification system, while it gives a useful terminology for discussing a particular batch of cannabis’s effects, doesn’t necessarily determine how it will affect a person. Some Indica strains can be heady and uplifting and some Sativa strains can be sedating. How a cannabis flower affects you is determined by a number of factors including how it was grown, when it was harvested, how it was cured, and your own personal body chemistry, among other factors. A strain’s genetic lineage, and classification as Indica or Sativa, is just one of many factors that ultimately determine its cannabinoid and terpene profile.  

The variability of effects produced by a single species of plant is truly fascinating. Our hemp flower blends have a balanced cannabinoid and terpene profile and are blended specifically to create effects many people are interested in when they decide to try hemp flower. 


Will I get high from hemp flower?

Most people will not get high from hemp flower. Legal hemp flower contains only trace amounts of THC — less than .3% delta-9 THC. Cannabis that is bought from dispensaries usually contains 15-25% delta-9 THC. Someone would have to consume enormous amounts of legal hemp flower to get high.  

People who are extremely sensitive to THC may find that they experience a slight high if they consume too much. If this happens, note that the feeling will pass and adjust your dose in the future. 

While hemp flower contains only trace amounts of THC, if you are drug tested it’s likely you will fail for cannabis because those trace amounts may still be detectable. If you are subject to drug testing we strongly advise against consuming hemp flower. If you choose to consume hemp flower we can accept no responsibility for your failed drug test. 



How does hemp flower affect the human body?


What creates hemp flower’s effects?

Hemp flower contains two types of chemical compounds that are primarily responsible for its effects. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human brain and terpenes are chemical compounds responsible for hemp’s odor and flavor. Terpenes are the compounds that give hemp flower, and many other plants, their distinct aromas and many have their own unique effects on the human body. 


How does hemp flower help the body?

High-CBD hemp flower can help the body by relaxing muscles, helping you get a restful night’s sleep, and acting as a general anti-inflammatory. 


How does hemp flower help the mind?

Many people claim hemp flower eases anxiety and negative thinking. Some people claim it has a positive affect on their mood and energy levels.  



Does using hemp flower have any side effects?


Hemp flower may affect how the liver proccesses certain medications

If you are taking medication that is processed by the liver, we recommend that you do not use hemp flower. CBD, found in high concentrations in hemp flower, may change how the liver processes certain medications. Before introducing anything new to your system, we recommend consulting your family doctor, discussing hemp flower with them, and then following their advice. 


Hemp flower may make you drowsy and sedated

We recommend that you exercise extreme caution when you first start using hemp. We recommend that you try it at a time when you have no obligations so that, until you understand its effects, you aren’t put into a position where you’re unable to carry out what is required of you. For instance, you may find consuming hemp makes you drowsy so you shouldn’t use it during the day. Or, you may find that it makes you energized and ready to be productive. It’s diffcult to predict but over time you’ll learn how and when and at what doses you should use hemp flower to get the most benefit. 

Smoking hemp flower may negatively impact your lungs

The best thing for your lungs is clean air. More research needs to be done, but as of now there does not appear to be a link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer. 

To lessen the risk of possible lung damage we recommend vaporizing hemp flower over smoking it. When hemp flower is vaporized instead of burned fewer carcinogens are produced.

We do not accept any responsibility for damage done to your body caused by smoking our hemp flower products.