We created our hemp flower blends to bring out your best.

No additives. Simplified effects. Superior flavor.

Hemp simplified

Our blends make it easy for you to find the effects you’re looking for without testing dozens of strains. We’ve made the benefits of CBD hemp flower easy and accessible.

Specific effects

We’ve blended multiple hemp strains reputed to acheive certain effects. The unique cannabinoids and terpenes profiles of multiple strains combine & work together to acheive certain effects.

Balanced flavor

For many, hemp is an experience worth savoring. Like a fine wine, many people appreciate the taste and smell of high-quality hemp flower. In addition to effects, our blends are formulated for ideal flavor and smoothness. 




Bring your best to each day. Calming, energizing, and uplifting, yet clear-headed, to encourage enhanced focus and productivity.

We’ve blended some of the most sought after daytime hemp strains to create a effects suitable for getting things done. 

This blend features terpenes and cannabinoids some claim may help aid memory and focus and contribute to a calm alertness.

Learn more about the Day blend






Relax and unwind during your off hours. The perfect way to soothe your muscles, calm your mind, and get the rest you need for tomorrow.

We’ve blended hemp strains known for calm relaxation to create the perfect effects for winding down. 

This blend features cannabinoids and terpenes some claim may help ease pain, muscle tension, and ability to cope with stress.

Night blend details coming soon 



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Our process

We search the U.S. for the highest quality hemp flower.

We work with small farms and vendors that care about quality hemp flower, are in the cannabis industry to help people, and believe in the benefits of hemp flower. We find batches of premium hemp flower that are well-cared for, well-trimmed, and well-cured. We are particularly interested in strains of hemp that contain unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles. If you are a hemp grower with a high-quality harvest you think might meet our standards, please contact us and include farming details, pictures, and any lab work. 


We formulate each blend for a specific purpose.

Each batch of hemp flower is lab tested revealing its unique cannabinoid and terpene profile. We blend the hemp flower taking into account the amount of key cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, and terpenes, like mycerene and linalool. We also factor in the smell, flavor, and overall smoothness of the hemp flower.

Our blends give you a fuller, more robust experience of hemp — in terms of taste and effects — and also allow us to provide a more consistent, more simple, experience for our customers.


We create each blend by hand in small batches.

Stems and any untrimmed leaves are removed by hand. The hemp flower is ground and mixed with other strains in precise ratios to create each blend. Each batch is given a unique ID: The nickname of the person who blended it, the version of the blend, the batch number of the blend, and the date (European formatting).

The blend is lovingly packaged and shipped to you each month! Inside your first Bright Box we’ll include instructions, guidelines for responsible use, and a full lab report detailing the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the blend as well as the results of pesticide, heavy metal, and mold tests. 

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    High-CBD Hemp flower shipped to your doorstep

    We set out to create the ultimate hemp flower experience

    100% premium hemp flower

    No additives, no filler material, just the finest CBD-rich hemp flower we could find in the United States.

    Blended with passion

    We've used everything we've learned from a lifetime of loving cannabis to create our blends.

    Hemp flower, simplified

    There is so much to learn about hemp it can be intimidating! Our blends make finding the right effects simple and easy.

    Convenient monthly shipments

    Your hemp flower arrives monthly so you always have fresh flower to enjoy. Cancel, change your shipping date, or modify your subscription at any time. We're flexible.

    Be discrete (or flamboyant) 

    Your shipment comes in a non-descript package with "Bright LLC" as the sender. Or, to be loud and proud, check the "Bright Box" shipping option at checkout.

    Flexible blend ratios

    Your Bright Box can be 100% Day blend, 100% Night blend, 50/50, or whatever works for you.

    We're here for you

    Have a question? Need to pause your subscription for a month? We pride ourselves on old-fashioned service. Just don't abuse our kindness (or we'll cancel your subscription).

    Clear instructions

    We include detailed instructions with your first shipment. We wrote the kind of instructions we would want if this was our first time trying hemp. Clear, detailed, and thorough.

    Industry-leading transparency

    We include full lab reports (including contaminants) in each shipment. We want you to feel comfortable that your hemp flower is safe and handled with care.

    Fast, free shipping

    We like fast shipping too. We have a company goal to see how fast we can ship our customer's orders each month. 

    Cancel at any time

    You can cancel your monthly subscription whenever you want for any reason. You can also put it on hold for a month or move your shipping data up. Just let us know

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    We have an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. You don't have to explain why you're unhappy or jump through any hoops. We only want customers that love us.