Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to experience the benefits of high-quality, CBD-rich hemp flower.


We want you to try hemp.

If you decide to, we want you to feel comfortable trying hemp and becoming a customer. We know that’s a lot to ask and we take that responsibility seriously. This is why we’re on the leading edge of transparency and customer-oriented service in the hemp and CBD industry.

It’s why we go out of our way to procure the highest-quality, premium hemp flower from providers we trust rather than buying the cheapest flower we can find (and it’s significantly cheaper). We’re doing this the right way every step of the way because… 

We want you to be happy.

We believe the secret to success in business is to make customers happy. Everything we do is driven by this intent. It’s why we offer the highest-quality products at fair prices. It’s why we provide great service and support and have a no-questions-asked return policy.

If we can make you happy, we believe you’ll be more likely to tell your friends and family about hemp and, maybe, you’ll recommend us. To us, that’s the highest compliment and the most rewarding aspect of business.


Our values: 


Kindness and respect

Our company ethics are centered on the Golden Rule. We believe this “do unto others” orientation toward everyone — bosses, co-workers, customers, vendors, competitors, janitors, servers, and random people on the street — is what fosters trust and trust is the crucial foundation of a happy, healthy, successful relationship, whether that relationship is with a customer, co-worker, friend, or spouse. We need our employees, our suppliers, and our customers to know that we have their best interest at heart. Without that, we’re going to have a hard time building a healthy, lasting relationship with the people who honor us by doing business with us. 

Extreme customer-focus

We didn’t go to business school but we’re pretty sure we have it figured out: make your customers happy. Give people a great product at a great price and back it up with great service. The rest of it becomes so much easier with this type of radical customer-focus catalyzing it. 

Happy customers come back and make more purchases. They’re loyal. They recommend you. Doing what is best for customers is doing what is best for the business. Healthy business relationships, like all relationships, require a balance between give-and-take. The more you give, the more you get. 

Give us a try. We think you’ll be pleased by how much we give.   


People over profit

It’s, unfortunately, a radical idea but we don’t believe that a business exists to make as much profit as possible. Obviously that’s an important part of running a business, but we think there are higher priorities. For instance, if a business can only exist by harming the environment, if significantly damaging the earth is an unavoidable part of the business model, it shouldn’t exist regardless of how profitable it is. If you can only get ahead by cheating or misleading people, your business shouldn’t exist. If your business can only survive if you pay your employees less than a liveable wage, you should go out of business.

In other words, there are a lot of things that are more important than producing as much profit as possible. For us, the point of business — the goal — the reason it exists, is to provide a comfortable lifestyle for our employees and provide a great product at a great price for our customers.


Have a net positive impact

No one is perfect but if we’re all trying we should be able to do — on balance — more good than bad for the world. It’s not all that challenging to just strive to help more than you harm each day, each month, and each year for the world, for the people around you, and for humanity at large. If you mess up, you’ve just got to find a way to make up for it. The bigger the fuck up, the greater the sacrifice required to balance the scales.